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Camino Smart Contracts

The Camino Network utilizes smart contracts to handle various administrative tasks, such as KYC verification, gas fee voting, and dApp incentives. Below, you can find information on these contracts and their corresponding addresses.


This smart contract is responsible for administrative tasks, including setting roles (e.g. KYC, gas fee, blacklist). It is an Upgradable Proxy contract, meaning that the implementation can be upgraded by an address with the ADMIN_ROLE.

KYC Smart Contract

On Camino Network's Contract Chain (C-Chain), other smart contracts can interface with the CaminoAdmin contract from the provided address to retrieve the KYC verification status of a particular address.


Source: admin.sol


This smart contract is responsible for the Camino dApp Incentive Pool. It is currently a placeholder for future development. Like the CaminoAdmin contract, it is also an Upgradable Proxy contract and can be upgraded by an address with the ADMIN_ROLE.


Source: incentives.sol